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Heyyyy! I'm Coach Jeff,

I help coaches, consultants and knowledge experts connect spirituality & faith with proven business systems, so they can build profitable online businesses with simplicity and ease... unlike most other programs that don't work because they force you to use methods & strategies that grueling, complicated, spiritually misaligned, and quite frankly just don't fit your personality or the way you want to do business.

I get it! If you don't like the way you have to build your business, you won't do the work. When you're spiritually misaligned, it's hard to build a thriving business. You're like a molecule splashing around in the ocean trying, trying to shift the waves. When you're spiritually aligned, you become the ocean and the waves move as you command them.

But you still need a proven plan that is responsive to the waters of your ocean, flows with your currents, and make waves (big or small) at you command. I can help you shift the tides in your favor. This is what I've been doing in my own business and helping my clients and students accomplish for more than 25 years, and I've been doing it online no more than 9 years. 

I'm an Amazon #1 bestselling author with multiple book releases, creator of my signature program, EP3 Visionary, online marketing expert, business coach & consultant to 58 colleges, creator of the PIECE formula, I've personally mentored dozens of clients, and my system has been taught to online to more than 1,000 students in online curriculums. 

But if we keep it real, you're probably more interested in how I can help you than you are in accolades. What IS important is that I can help you grow your business fast, have more time freedom, make a ton of money, and help a lot more people in the process. But whether you work with me or not, I encourage you to find someone you connect with and trust to help you grow your. We need more people like you serving the world and making it a better place. 

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