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How I Built a 6-Figure Business around What I Know that Replaced My Job in just 90-Days!

Jeff McKoy

Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author

& Digital Entrepreneur

Long before I ever felt the urge to break out of my 9-5, I worked as a career path assessor for a local business training & consulting firm. My job was to analyze and assess the strengths, personalities, and aptitudes of corporate employees to determine how to best align them with the mission and goals of their employers.

While there, I became interested in online marketing and began to play around with it a bit. The longer I worked there, the more I began to feel some type of way about my own career, purpose and existence. I wanted to explore my true purpose and how I could support my family with it.

What I didn’t realize then was that there were countless Professionals & Experts - just like you and I - who were equally dissatisfied with their careers. I only knew that I wouldn't stop until I was able to take my skills, knowledge, and expertise into the digital world.

But I had no clue about how to pull it off. Maybe you're in the same position and if you are, just know that it's not your fault. Maybe you're worried that if you took your business online the quality of your service might go down and your clients would suffer for it? Maybe.

I just knew that accepting where I was as the pinnacle of my life just wasn't an option. So I made the decision to immerse myself in the world of digital marketing. I knew that there had to be a solution and I was determined to find it and free myself from the four walls in my office. 

That decision was my turning point that ultimately led to the building blocks of my foundation in digital marketing. It would soon become an incredibly successful, multi 6-figure per year business and that foundation would later drive me to become a 7-figure family member and an Amazon #1 best selling author in 8 categories.

I was obsessed with the idea of developing a strategic business model that would allow me to build an ethical online business that could replace my job. This became the passion behind my purpose. I wanted to be able to completely breakout of my 9-5, free up more time to do the things I love, create financial independence, and do something meaningful to help others. 

I thought I needed something tangible to prove I was qualified. So I took courses, hired mentors, sought out formal training and global certifications. I learned systems and strategies that I could use as in my business and in helping my clients. 

I had all of the right experience and certifications. But even that didn't seem like enough. I still felt like an imposter. Even though I was helping people, I still felt inadequate despite the fact that I also had two best selling books out.

One day while handling a business crisis with a client who's partner had emptied their bank account and bailed, I had to help the client develop a strategy to save his business in the midst of a crisis. I knew enough about their business that I had some ideas that we quickly went to work on. And while we were pulling every stop and calling every supplier... 

THAT'S when it HIT Me!

I realized that when I'm rescuing someone who's drowning, they could care less what my credentials are. From that day forward, I never doubted myself again. To this day, I've still never had a single person ask to see any of my credentials; and I have several, but who cares?

I've never seen a drowning person ask for credential. The only thing they care about is whether or not you can save them from drowning. The only thing I needed was something that I already possessed - A system for transforming passion and purpose into business.

It was through the trenches of trial and error, testing, tweaking, coaching and mentoring, that I developed my own unique method for launching, rescuing and growing businesses. It is a perfect blend of all of the best practices from my years experience, training and mentoring. It's my proprietary P.I.E.C.E. Formula and it's a part of my signature system. If what I'm about to share with you feels like a good fit to you and you want more, I'll share that with you too!

But right now, I want to show you just how easy it is to ditch your 9-5 with the right plan. 

This Revolutionary Business Model is Allowing Professionals to Turn What They Already Know into 6 and 7-Figure Businesses That Replace

Their Salaries!

With this new model, Entrepreneurs finally have a strategy to:

✅ Reach an endless reservoir of potential clients. You'll no longer be a captive prisoner of your job, office or the limited population that surrounds your business. Now, you can expand your reach and use your expertise to help an infinite number of people around the world. 

✅ Scale your business and multiply your revenue exponentially. You’re no longer limited by the hours in a day because you can leverage your time. With this model, can service your clients more efficiently and hit your financial goals at record speed.

✅ Work from anywhere in the world. If you're able to bring your laptop and/or phone, you're able to bring your business. You can finally break out of the office and enjoy the freedom to work whenever and wherever you choose.

✅ Maintain your integrity as an ethical entrepreneur, uphold the quality of your service and effectively share your expertise in a manner truly benefits your clients. This will encourage repeat business and free word of mouth advertising.

This is a tremendous opportunity that I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy massive success from and I'm excited to share it with you. Of course, there are many others who've said goodbye to the four walls of their offices. They've exchanged their jobs for more financial freedom and are now living life by their own designs.

Thousands of professionals and experts have replicated this model and turned their knowledge, skill, passion or purpose into 6 and 7-figure businesses.

Now it’s your turn. 

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