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This is a place where ambitious entrepreneurs and visionaries learn to embody the highest version of themselves because they know that there is a higher-power that they must rely upon to guide them through the mission they were born to fulfill. 

In the EP3 Visionary Membership, learning to be, do and have all that you deserve and desire is more than a pursuit or aspiration; it's a state of being and celebration. And the moment you make the decision to become an EP3er, your success is inevitable!

Hear What My Clients & Students Have To Say...

Katerina Arzani // Career Coach

I really like the way Jeff was able to hold space and be that container for what it is to have faith... to be clear... and to be driven - knowing that anything is possible in my business!

Bernie van Schalkwyk //Life Coach

I really enjoyed working with Jeff. He helped my face the difficult questions that I was avoiding, and to put my coaching business into perspective with a step-by-step system. I am very, very thankful and very, very pleased with the results I got while working with Jeff. Anyone who wants to go forward with life and in their business can absolutely reach their pinnacle with Jeff behind you and motivating you to take action in your business. Don't be afraid. Jump in, boots and all. You will reap the benefit of the hard work that you put in!

Emily Hunter // Ad Copy Coach

Jeff has had an impact on my way of thinking, with his teachings about direction, focus, and clarity. I love how he makes it 'real' with every training.

For those of you reading out there, Jeff McKoy is an *amazing* coach. He lays down wisdom as often as he can... common sense, actionable stuff. One of those dudes out there who's doing it right.

Yolanda McIntyre // Legal Consultant

If you have Jeff working with you, you'll know that you have someone who is dedicated to your needs and what you want to achieve, because he's going to stay on you until you succeed. I recommend him to any business owner, because working with him definitely changed my life. 

Amanda Tento  // CEO of The Determined Mom

This training really helped me to get organized and focused on what I need to do. Jeff is fun to learn from and passionate about what he does, kind and generous with what he shares. I look forward to working with him as my business continues to grow. Jeff will be an asset to any coach or expert fortunate to work with him. If you ever have a chance to work with him, do it!

Yorkova Dixie // Solopreneur

The thing Jeff really nailed for me was the linking of everything and how it all fits together... Facebook, webinar, business page, personal page - so it wasn't just frantic, random activity - but it all came together into a coherent strategy of omnipresence that just made sense.

Build Productive Habits

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From the Podcast

The Faithing Your Business podcast is a conversational business podcast that is designed to help Christian and other faith-led entrepreneurs apply the Laws of Spirituality across the tactical strategies of business, so they can manifest specific outcomes that simplify goal achievement, maximizes success, and minimizes the effort needed to grow their businesses.

Jeff McKoy is a serial entrepreneur, 8x Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author and preeminent authority in the persuasive influence of ethical communicative expression (the PIECE Formula). He delivers his sound business advice along with high-value content around the topics of online business development and growth. 

He also invites guests onto his show to discuss a mixture of inspiration, motivation, and spiritual truths in addition to discussing their perspectives of business growth and development. 

On the Faithing Your Business podcast, you can expect entertaining and “real” discussions around business, solo-preneurship, growing and scaling your client-based business, insightful conversations with other industry experts, and most importantly: strategies, tips, and tactical how-tos that empower faith-led entrepreneurs and business owners to build a brand, market it on social media, and create a life they love.

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