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How to Name Your Coaching Offer to Resonate with & Attract Your Dream Clients

october 20th

8:00 pm

Live Workshop Details

FREE LIVE WORKSHOPThis is Part 1 of a Free 4-Part Live Workshop Mini-series that will be nothing less than amazing! This series will be taught live, one session per week for the next four weeks. Come ready to learn, implement, and start getting results immediately. 


DESCRIPTION: This training is intentionally designed to be short, consumable, and actionable. There will be a few minutes available after the training ends to answer any questions related to the content topic. 

This workshop is designed to help Struggling Coaches create more effective messaging that attracts high-quality leads and convert them into high-value paying clients or customers without being pushy, salesy, or sleazy. There will be a ton of great, practical content, and the best part... there's no catch, no gimmick, and absolutely nothing for sale.

Oh! And leave your wallet at home, you won't need it! :-) 

What you’ll learn from each session:

PART 1: How to Give Your Coaching Offer a Name that Resonates with Your Dream Clients. ~ Thursday, Oct. 20th @ 8PM EST

Learn how to give your Coaching Offer a strategic name that attracts your dream clients and appeals to their emotions by addressing their struggles and speaking to their core values.

PART 2: How to Make Your Coaching Offer Even More Valuable without Creating More Work! Tuesday, Oct. 25th @ 8PM EST

Learn how to address the challenges and struggles of your audience, while speaking to their core values, and desires. Consistently attract more of the right clients, at the price you want to charge, while creating more profits without adding more busywork and things to do. 

PART 3: How to Raise Your Coaching Prices without Scaring Away New Clients! ~ Tuesday, Nov. 1st @8PM EST

Learn high to position your authority, establish your preeminence, and create higher perceived value for your clients so you can easily charge higher prices without costing you sales or new clients. 

PART 4: How to Persuade Your Coaching Prospects to say, “Yes! I’m ready to buy NOW! ~ Tuesday, Nov. 18th @8PM EST

There is an art and a science to persuading new clients who are on the fence. It all boils down to just two simple reasons why anyone does or does not do anything. And in this short training, you're gonna learn both! 

About the Presenter


Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of

EP3: Unleash Your Ethical, Passion-Powered Purpose!

Jeff is an online business marketing expert, and the man behind the scenes of some of the biggest names in the online space. He is the chief business consultant to 58 colleges in the southeastern United States, the preeminent authority in the "persuasive influence of ethical communicative expression (aka the PIECE Formula), and the creator of EP3 Visionary - the premiere business & marketing system for coaches and experts seeking to rapidly grow and scale an online business around their expert knowledge.