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How to Create A Book in 24 Hours or Less & Become The Leading Authority In Your Market!


Create a Mindmap - Grab a sheet of paper and spend 15 - 45 minutes writing out everything you can think of about your ultimate topic of focus


Create a Rough Outline - Group your related ideas into section and attach a category. Be sure to label the bigger topics as potential chapters


Rinse & Repeat - Follow the same process from Step 1 & Step 2 for each chapter that you will create in the book. Spend no more than 5 - 10 min on each chapter


Organize your content for writing - Break each chapter up into bite sized chunks that you can have focused sprints for writing


Speak Your Content - Start recording yourself speaking the text for each chapter in 5 - 10 minute chunks.


Transcribe Your Audio Files - Upload your audio files to or and have them transcribed. It will cost about $1/min of audio


Edit Your Transcript - Download your transcription and correct any errors or misspelling where the AI was not able to clearly transcribe your words.

STEP #8 

Format Your Book Copy - Go to or and hire a freelancer to convert your text into book format


Create a Cover - You can hire a cover designer from or if you want a high quality cover, I recommend going to it will cost more but it will be well worth the investment.

STEP #10

Submit Your Completed Book To Amazon - Once your book and cover are completed you can upload it to CreateSpace and have it listed on Amazon Kindle, you can also have it made available for print on demand to be sold and shipped anywhere you like. You can also get promotional copies at a discount that you can purchase your self.

Congratulations!! Your authority book is complete! You can now start using it as a business tool to establish instant credibility in your market!

I you would like to see all of these steps broken down and explained in more detail... go to where I break down this process in greater detail, with video, images, and illustrations.

  • Create a Mind Map
  • Rinse & Repeat
  • Speak your Content
  • Edit your Transcript
  • Create Your Cover
  • Create an Outline
  • Organize your Content
  • Transcribe your Audio
  • Format your Book Copy
  • Submit To Create Space for Amazon Listing & Printing
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