Want to build a business around your passion, purpose or expertise, but you're stuck working a 9-5 or with 1-on-1 clients?

Discover Your Unique Entrepreneurial Path From Passion to Purpose & Profits!

Learn How You Can Turn Your Passion, Purpose or Expertise Into A Fulltime Digital Business That You Passionately Love Without Feeling Stuck, Stressed or Overwhelmed!


These Are The 7 Most Common Obstacles: Which One Has Been Holding You Back!?!

  • “With so many things that I’m interested in, how do I know which one I was born to do?”
  • “No one’s willing to pay me for what I like to do, how am I suppose to pay my bills and support my family?”
  • “I’ll feel like a fraud because I don’t think I’m good enough yet.”
  • “People will laugh at me and no one will pay me money for it.”
  • “Am I too old to try find my purpose or start building a business around it?”
  • “I have no clue where to begin and it’s too hard to figure it out.”
  • “I have too much on my plate with my family, kids, and work – there’s just not enough time.”

If any of these ring a bell, don't worry – you’ve found the right resource. The goal of EP3 is to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. (following your passion, fulfilling your purpose and enjoying benefits and profits while ethically impacting the lives of others)

Hey it’s Jeff McKoy the author of Ep3: Unleash Your Ethical Passion-Powered Purpose (EP3) and creator of The Destiny Project. Thanks for stopping by, I’m excited to share what I’ve put together for you.

EP3 is Only the First Step in this Amazing Trilogy Called The Destiny Project...

Your Ethical, Passion-Powered Purpose (or EP3), is the beating heart pumping the lifeblood from the deepest and purest part of your soul. It is the meaning of your life and reason for your existence. EP3 is about to take you on an amazing journey that - if you embrace it - will not only change your life but also the lives of everyone you come in contact with.

Not everyone will go through the entire journey of The Destiny Project (trilogy). You will only know how deep the rabbit hole goes if your quest for passion, purpose and profit are greater than your disgust for your present situation. But I assure you, to the degree that you are willing to go, you will find the foundation of happiness, fulfillment and adventure.  

If you choose to consume the lessons in EP3 and complete the journey, you'll be equipped to build an ethical online business that ignites your passion, fulfills your purpose and aligns with your destiny to create the lifestyle you most deeply desire.

Maybe you don’t have a clue what your passion, purpose or destiny is. Maybe you don’t know how to make money from your purpose. Maybe you're feeling trapped in your current job due to bills and family obligations. I get it, because I've been exactly where you are right now. So listen closely, I'm about to show you how to escape!

EP3 Doesn't Require That You Throw Caution To The Wind: Only  That You Harness The Wind To Fill Your Sails

We all have a situation where we can’t just give up or quit and move on and that’s the whole point. You want to set yourself up for success before you have to quit your job (if that's the path you take) or take any type of risk. And that’s how I've designed this trilogy which is really what I think sets it apart from other programs that promise your best life ever.

It's the Struggle Before the Transformation That Gives Flight To Your Purpose!

I still recall it so vividly, I was a newly divorced father raising two boys alone. My boys were my primary inspiration for writing my first book, LIFE, I COMMAND YOU! But I also wanted them to learn from my successes and my failures. But more importantly, I wanted them to live life by their own design.

Although I've always enjoyed being an entrepreneur, my heart was no longer in the healthcare industry where I had previously started and operated a business for 6 years prior to selling it. Ultimately, I wanted to recreate myself. I was trying to get my book published in hopes that I could leverage it to grow a consulting business that would allow me to spend more time at home with my boys. 

In the meantime, I served as the music director at the church where my father pastors. I love music. It's definitely one of my callings, but I longed for more. Afterall, I am an entrepreneur. I wanted to do something that would impact lives and make a difference in the world. I wanted to live and serve a higher purpose in life.

Until you know your purpose, you job is to spend every day of the rest of your life trying to find out what it is. If you don't fight for your dreams, the challenges of life will overtake you and rob you of the greatness you were born to achieve. 

Music provided some income, but it wasn't enough to pay the bills. It wasn't long before my back was against the wall in desperation to keep the home that I had been raising my children in. I felt it was important to their emotional wellbeing, especially since their mother was no longer in the home with us. 

And being able to keep our home would also allow me to feel deserving of my boys love and respect as a good father for providing for them and giving them the quality of life that they deserved.
 It was more than just my responsibility, it was my moral duty and obligation to provide for them.

The Struggles Can Be Fierce When You're Facing Them All Alone.

The thing is I was struggling with the mortgage, drowning in bills and I often told my boys I wasn't hungry, when truth was that I just couldn't afford to eat after feeding them.

At times, I was barely providing some of the necessities that they needed. That meant I had to hire sitters since I was always working and unable to be home much, let alone give them the time that they actually needed.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because I wasn’t able to help them through their fears and insecurities that I might someday leave them too. I felt even worse about the situation because everyday I could see the pain, frustration and confusion in their eyes. I felt like I had failed them as a father.

The Problem I Faced Was That...

After months of writing, my book was finally finished and I started trying to find a publisher which only opened up an entire world of rejection and disappointment. Which meant after busting my tail to write this book, now total strangers were telling me that my book was garbage (or so I felt), which destroyed my hopes and dreams of ever providing my boys with the life they deserved.

It meant that I could forget about ever spending more time with them and I would never truly be deserving of their love and respect as a good father. As a self-reflecting Introvert, I rehearsed every rejection and denial in my mind's eye with devastation and I cringed at the thought of hearing another...NO.

I was Determined to Find a Solution, I Refused to Let Them Stop Me...

That's when I made the decision to take matters into my own hands. I was determined to find a way to get my book published with or without a publisher. I never wanted to be in this position again!

I began scouring the web for any and everything I could find about self-publishing. Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

I Finally Found The Solution to My Problem...

I stumbled across an ad for a online digital marketing certification. It talked about how the Internet was changing the face of marketing and selling!
It was now crystal clear to me how I could stop worrying about finding a publisher and just focus on the people with problems my book and services could solve. I began to run up my credit cards buying courses, coaching programs and mentorships until the light came on for me. And it did!

I finally saw how I could control the entire process around my book and actually make MORE money off every book I sold.
I learned that you DON'T need a publisher to make money from your own books, you need to learn how to funnel traffic to your book from the internet instead.
That’s when I realized that the secret to establishing myself as an author & business consultant in a very competitive market was to use the internet to BYPASS traditional publishers and go straight to the people whose problem my book could solve.

I realized that if I could just get this right, I could make enough money for us to keep our home and have more than enough food on the table.
This discovery could be the key to me profitably publishing my book and growing my coaching and consulting business exponentially.

This is How I Was Going to Pull It Off...

My plan was to start promoting the book to generate income and spark speaking opportunities. So I started building out a marketing sales funnel and focusing what I had begun to learn on grabbing the attention of the people who were most likely to buy my book. But I didn’t stop there.

I then started building a mailing list of potential clients online.

 After that, I printed additional copies for use in targeting speaking engagements and consulting clients in my local area.

 But there was still a problem...

Unfortunately, My Solution Had A Flaw...


It still took a lot of energy and time to find speaking opportunities.
 It was touch and go trying to get past the gatekeepers. 
Even after sending a letter of introduction and a copy of my book, it was a tedious task to reach the key decision makers. 
I would occasionally get a speaking engagement, but I still had to bust my behind to get each one.

No matter how hard I worked, it was not enough to get me off of my day job. 
I was still working long hours and it was a slow process to find new clients. 
I was getting the bills paid, but I was still having to be away from my boys more than I wanted to be. 

Yes, I could get further having a book out than I could without one, but there was still no easy way to get in front of my prospects. Though I was great at what I did for my clients, the fact that I was an introvert created another challenge. Even after sending my book as an introduction, I still absolutely despised making cold calls to people I didn’t know – not to mention the rejection letters and low paying speaking engagements.

After all of the work I had done to get my book written, published, printed and in front of a targeted audience, the hopes that I had of creating a business that would allow me to stay home with my boys and provide them the quality of life they deserved didn't look like it was going to happen. I was still dependent on a regular paycheck and long hours with no indication that it would ever change.

Fed Up & Determined... I Did Something Drastic!



I ended up getting so frustrated that I decided to tear everything apart piece by piece until I could develop a really easy process that would break everything I was trying to do into a simple step by step system. 

I thought that if I could only come up with a way to sell my book, book new speaking engagements and get new consulting clients in a way that didn’t feel uncomfortable to my Introvert nature, I’d be really happy. After 15 months of research, development, testing and tweaking every angle I could possibly imagine, I created a system that allowed me to get new clients whenever I wanted. This changed everything for me!

Not only was I able to grow my business exponentially, but I could now show any coach, expert or consultant how to sell their books, get speaking engagements and even how to attract new consulting clients without chasing down leads, cold calling strangers, or being rejected by people who aren’t qualified for their offer. 
I began allowing other coaches to try the many secrets that I included in the program and more than 93% of them achieved similar results.

The PIECE Formula Changed Everything...

My greatest breakthrough resulted from my discovery of the PIECE formula. This system allowed me to help countless other coaches establish their authority, get speaking engagements and attract qualified new clients at will, and grow thriving online businesses.
 The PIECE formula is the key element that changed my destiny. It allowed me to create an easy step-by-step system that any coach or consultant could follow and to find success online. I break down the entire formula inside my book...

Now I'm sharing my secret formula with you! I'm going to give you my revolutionary blueprint for building an ethical, online business that ignites your passion and fulfills your purpose and creates massive profits in your business or career. EP3 is the doorway to the exact frameworks and systems that I’ve  personally used to ethically build multiples businesses and join the 7-figure family. And now I'm making it available to you!

You will discover how to...

  • Control of your destiny to fulfill your purpose (Explore the depth and power of your unique purpose so you can use it to to create your ideal life as you envision it)
  • Monetize your purpose (Coach others through challenges that you are equipped and ready to solve so you can get paid for doing what you passionately love and were born to do)
  • Understand and apply The PIECE Formula (Communicate your services and offers in a way that your ideal dream clients find irresistable)
  • Know your clients’ challenges better than they do (Uncover their pains, struggles, and desires in order to connect with them deeply and completely win their trust)
  • Demonstrate your offers in a way that meets or exceeds your client’s expectations (Condition your clients receive what they need to get their desired outcomes by first giving them what they want)
  • Personalize the strategies for unleashing your purpose & achieving your goals (take the actions that are right for you in your life at this moment... you get to follow your own unique path to success that’s customized specifically for you and monetizes your purpose)
  • Analyze & evaluate your passion & purpose  (identify your exact strengths, unique skills, and areas for improvement... you can realize your unique potential and surpass your goals fast)
  • Develop an undefeatable mindset (meet and overcome any challenge life throws at you... you'll live an extraordinarily balanced life in all the areas that matter, including family, health, wealth, and spirituality)

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

“Reading this was a life changer...”

"This helped me get through a very challenging time as well as strengthen my resolve. Reading this was a life changer for me.  Extremely easy to read (like a novel), no esoteric language or terminology - just like having a conversation.

I took the approach of reading a chapter a day (~10 min) to not overwhelm myself and maintain focus. Jeff explains things in such a clear way that I wish this book existed when I was younger."

Patricia R.
- Principal Medical Writer 

“Here's what the perfect testimonial looks like..."

The undisputable power of in this book is a life turning game changer for anyone looking to top out their purpose! Jeff proves how he continuously to Tests, Fails, Learns, Improves and Rinse & Repeat the growth process! This book is for anyone aspiring to fully live in their purpose!

If you’re a mentor or a mentee, this book is for you! Foundational, fundamental and equipping — EP3: Unleash Your Ethical Passion Powered Purpose is one of the best works on purpose and business yet!"

Gavry A.
- Bank Teller

“Amazing book. Pick this up!"

"Jeff McKoy is a master communicator who genuinely cares and it truly showed in his book. Though he did share some of his Christian values, I believe this book caters to anyone who wants to discover their purpose on a molecular level and embrace it. His organization is wonderful and he even highlights some of the most important quotes. I didn’t feel like a single word he wrote was wasted. 

Amazing book. Pick this up!"

Andrew M.
- Financial Analyst

Wise, common-sense & actionable..."

“Jeff has impacted my way of thinking in business and life. He lays down real wisdom - common sense, actionable stuff!”

Emily H.
- Professional Copywriter

"...transformed my business & my life"

Not only did Jeff help me with my business, he helped me transform into the person I always knew I was meant to be.

Naomi W.
- CEO of Nonprofit Organization

“This book is absolutely amazing..."

"This book is absolutely amazing! It is said that it takes a genius to take a difficult concept and break it down to simple easy to understand lessons. Jeff has absolutely nailed it. If you have any intention or ever wanted a reset button that will put your life on a simple path for where you want to be this book is a must! Now knowing what I’ve been able to learn from this book, I would have gladly paid a premium for what I got out of it. Enjoy."

Thelma P.
- Makeup Artist

“Amazing book. Pick this up!"

"First, the book was offered FREE! It took a while to arrive but I was impressed immediately with everything about the book. It is set up to work for anyone trying to find their self or those trying to reach the next level in life. I found chapter break-downs to be organized, informative and each one builds on nuggets learned earlier in the book. It is practical, professional and positive! Thank-you!"

Randy J.
- Digital Freelancer

This PIECE Formula Can Transform Any Expertise Into A Profitable 6 or 7-Figure Business

Everyone has an expertise, unique talent or gift that's hardwired to their Passion, Purpose & Profits. Maybe you haven't discovered yours yet. But that's okay. My book will help you find it. I guarantee it! You don't have to continue living with the frustration of not knowing why you exist or what problem your were born to solve. You only need to understand that you were created for something greater. Then make a commitment to find out what that is.

Does this sound like YOU...?

  • You feel that you have a greater purpose than just surviving and meeting basic needs for yourself and your family.
  • You feel like you’re trapped in a job or career where you’ll never be able to live out your purpose.
  • You can’t see yourself struggling or doing that job for the rest of your life.
  • You want something more meaningful than that.
  • You desire to know the meaning of your existence..
  • ..the very reason why you were created.
  • But you’re stuck... Not knowing where to start or how to move figure it out.
  • You’ve probably looked around online to search for solutions.
  • And encountered marketers who are just there to try to mislead you with poorly written, outdated or false information.
  • You might be thinking that they are there just to get into your wallet.
  • And you don’t want to be like them when it comes to your own dream business.
  • You stand strong on your ethics..
  • ..that becoming an entrepreneur means genuinely helping others solve their problems..
  • ...in your own unique way.
  • I Would Be In Error If I Didn't Offer You...

    A Word Of Caution!!!

    Anyone who's willing to make the commitment and apply the systems and principles I teach will discover their true passion, purpose and wealth (if wealth is important to them) in as little as 60 days or less. I will show you how tens of thousands of people are turning their knowledge, passion and purpose into 6 and 7-figure businesses.


    But I offer you a word of caution: The methods taught inside of EP3 are extremely powerful and could be devastating to many if not used for ethical purposes. Please do not use thees strategies for evil.  It’s my prayer that this book forever finds its way into the hands of good, honest, and ethical entrepreneurs with a heart for helping others.

    I want to make this information available for those true heroes who are seeking to make the world a better place. My only aim is to reach those who genuinely care for others and want to do the right thing. 

    Does this sound like YOU...?

    EP3 is designed to help professionals, experts and online entrepreneurs create compelling messages that attract new clients whenever they want, make more sales, and grow their business far beyond what they’ve ever dreamed possible.

    After applying The PIECE Formula to my business, not only was I able to spend more time with my boys, I’ve also been able to dramatically reduce my workload and reduce the time required to run and grow my business, because I can now leverage my program and systems to get fast results that are custom tailored to the needs of clients and their individual businesses.

    And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to help a lot more people achieve their dream of marketing and growing their coaching businesses with a lot less pain and effort than I had. I’m absolutely certain that The Destiny Project can produce the same results for you.

    Having seen first hand how difficult it can be to find your way alone, I don't want you to have to start from ground zero trying to find your way. There's no reason for you to make all of the same mistakes I've made when I am able to share what I've learned along the way.

    I feel a moral conviction to genuinely care and help others and do so ethically. I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and sleep well knowing that I made a positive difference in someone’s life – not that I tore others down in the hope of personal gain.

    That’s why I poured my heart and soul into this book so that you can stand on my shoulders to start your journey from a higher plane.

    This book is NOT for you if…

    • You’re looking for a get rich quick method
    • You don’t genuinely care for others
    • You plan to use the frameworks and systems in this book to deceive unsuspecting buyers
    • You don’t have any specialized skill, knowledge, training, education or willingness to attain it if necessary
    • You aren’t willing to let go of the false beliefs that have prevented you from discovering and fulfilling in your purpose
    • You aren't willing to work hard to learn the principles that will provide you with an extraordinary life

    If any of these ring a bell, don't worry – you’ve found the right resource. The goal of EP3 is to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. (following your passion, fulfilling your purpose and enjoying benefits and profits while ethically impacting the lives of others)

    "How Would Your Life Change If You Could Just Do What You Passionately Love & Make As Much Money In A Month As You Do Now In A Year!?!"

    It's been said that the two most important days in your life are "the day you were born" and "the day you find out why." If you don't why you're here, your destiny is on hold until you figure it out. When you are doing what you were created to do, it's impossible to fail. The regular day to day problems go away.

    You begin to live in a world where magic happens. The world begins to align with your destiny. You were destined to live your best life and create a much better world for humankind. But it all hinges on your willingness to commit and follow the path of your unique purpose. Of the billions of people on this planet, no one was created for YOUR purpose but YOU. 

    I spent over 5 years trying to find my purpose and turn it into the system that 10xed my income and replaced my job.  That's because I had no proven framework to follow that would allow me to systematically discover my purpose and generate money from doing the things I love.

    The good news is that I then spent another year locking it down to a science. I've created a simple step-by-step process that anyone can duplicate and get similar results from their purpose. I have taken all of my research and compiled it into my new best selling book.

    But before I discuss what's in it and why it should matter to you, I want to ask you a very serious question and I want you to pause and think about your answer before you read on.

    So here's my question... 

    Describe those things that you've been dreaming of. Don't worry about the how or the limitations that you think make it impossible for you create this life doing what you love. I just want you to see yourself living your best life.

    You may be thinking... How can I picture my purpose-driven, best life when I don't know what my purpose is? Your purpose and what you do aren't automatically going to be the same thing. 

    Your passion may be something that you do and your purpose may be something entirely different that can be accomplished because you are doing what you're passionate about OR your purpose may be a problem that you are able to solve that creates the means that allow you to do the things you love.

    So let go of any preconceived ideas you have and let your mind play the movie of your life you now live because you've found your purpose.

    What are you able to do now that you haven't been able to do before? Where can you go that you've never been before? Where do you live? What do you drive? Where do you eat? Who do you know? 

    Imagine what you could finally do for your family, children and those you love over the next 12 months or even over the next 90 days.

    What pains and struggles could you take away from them? How grateful will they be that you rescued them from the things that torment them? How will their  faces light up? Will tears swell up in their eyes because they are so overwhelmed with excitement, joy, or gratefulness for what you've done for them? That's the real power of knowing your purpose and living in the meaning of your existence.

    You have a moral duty, responsibility and an obligation to find your purpose and fulfill it. Not only is your family dependent on you, but the world is counting on you to make it a better place and you are long overdue.

    Clearly see it and know that this is your reality IF you are willing to follow YOUR unique path of purpose. It's waiting on you to believe in it enough to take the first step towards making it a reality. You can have this life. You can free up your time for what you enjoy. You can spend more time with your loved ones. You can afford the lifestyle that you strongly desire and travel to the places you long to see. You are literally less than 90 days from entering the best days of your life, but it won't happen unless YOU make a decision to seize the moment!

    When you’ve reached the latter years of your life, will you look back and say ‘‘I made an impact on the world and I made a difference’’ or will there only be regrets for not seizing the moment to live your purpose? 

    I was faced with the very same choice. I made the right decision and now you're reading this page as a result of the choice that I made. I'm doing what I love which is digital marketing and coaching others which is what I passionately love doing. But my purpose is helping others find their own unique path, doing what they passionately love and fulfilling the purpose for why they exist. I'm no better than you. I put my pants on the same way you do. But I'm already living in my purpose.

    Now, it's your turn...

    You could choose another path...

    • You could hire a career coach... to help you through the process, spending $150+/hr and up to $1,500+ per month... but even then, a career is only an occupation. Your passion is what gives your purpose power. It has a meaningful impact that reaches far beyond your job, your family and yourself.
    • You could go get an MBA... or other advanced degree and waste tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the 2-3 years of your life you’ll have to invest beyond your bachelors degree... and even then there’s still no guarantees
    • You could read random books about finding a new career and take one self-assessment after another, only to end up with conflicting results, confusion, overwhelming options and nothing about bridging your passion to your purpose to profit.  And it’ll only cost you $500-$1000+ plus the time wasted along the way
    • You could even do a weekend career change workshop... and spend $500-$2500+ for just a few days and leave with a bunch of notes and broken thoughts from material that fades further and further from memory as each day passes.

    While these are options you could consider, they're insanely expensive and have a price that goes beyond the money you spend for them.

    Plus, none of them come with a guarantee to work for you. Which one appeals most to you? Or would you rather have a step-by-step blueprint that you can follow to ignite your passion, fulfill your purpose and generate massive wealth and freedom? And what if it was also 100% risk free?

    Well, if you choose the latter, you will have made the one decision that will change your life for the better, forever.



    EP3 is packed with high-value, actionable steps that you can take to make measurable progress in your life. This is the first step towards fulfilling your purpose and living the life that you know is meant for you. I'm printing the book for you at my expense. You get it for FREE! Just cover the small S&H fee of $9.95 or download a digital copy absolutely FREE! Get your copy today!

    100% Double Money Back Guarantee!

    Secure Payment

    Your Incredible Risk Free Guarantee!!!

    I am so confident that you will get massive value out of this book that I am giving you 30 days to read it, evaluate it, and apply the principles to transform your knowledge or passion into a profitable and fulfilling business. I guarantee that if you implement even half of what I share with you in this book and you don't get results, I'll double your money back!