You know you are here to do big things..
# with my help. it can be easier than you
ever imagined

I'm Jeff

I empower overthinkers to stop putting their
ducks in a row and take ACTION. It’s time for you
to do work you love, help others, make great
money and create positive change in our world.

Work with  Jeff


client love

Jeff gave me all the tea on how to run my weekend
mastermind event!

"I really wanted to create a quality experience for my attendees and she helped me plan out the entire weekend to make sure everyone felt like VIP. My weekend is going to be a major staple for my brand, and I’m so glad could help me create something that matched the quality I want to portray." - Maya Elious, Founder of Impact Weekend

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free 7 Day Prayer & Journal Challenge

In the last 5 years, I've spent over $47,000 on money mindset & manifestation courses, masterminds & retreats.My biggest lesson... they cannot, do not and never will speak to MY experiences.

In this FREE 7-Day Prayer & Journal Challenge... I'm going to show you how to...

  • How your money belief system is holding you back—and how to change these deeply held beliefs once and for all. 

  • Why your money habits are not black and white—and how a little flexibility can allow you to create the income you desire. 

  • 5 unbelievably common money mistakes—including one counterintuitive change you’ve been resisting (but MUST make if you want to succeed). If you’re comparing yourself to the who's who of your industry and thinking “I’ll never earn that much,” then money blocks are holding you back. It’s time to break free and build the business you deserve.

Join me for this prayer & journal challenge and we’ll dig into the money mindset issues that are holding you—and your business—back. Simply enter your name + email address below to access the email challenge: