January 12, 2023

How to Find Coaching Clients using Social Media Groups

With over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of November 2020, Facebook is one of the most profitable social media platforms you can maximize to promote any type of business. Unlike other platforms, Facebook is all about fostering and maintaining community over rivalry!

You’ll get to meet a lot of people with the same problem, seeking the same solution. Thus, you should know the best ways to get coaching clients on social media groups. And it’s easier than you think!

Every day, people use Facebook groups to ask for feedback, suggestions, and even opinions. As a coach of a specific field or industry, it’s given that you are better than anyone else in a certain job. This is where you charge them for sharing your experience and expertise. Sounds easy, right? Read on to know more about how to get clients on social media.

  1. Join quality groups of your niche.

In searching for and joining groups, choose quality over quantity. Select groups that have lots of people conversing with each other. Rid yourself of groups that are spammy and have posts unrelated to your field of coaching, they will just flood your timeline!

  1. Explain how your services will benefit them.

Clients will share lots of problems and you can always say you’re there to help. But.. how certain are you that you can improve their lives? Lots of online coaches fail to understand that only introducing yourself as a coach doesn’t quite make the cut. Put in the effort to explain why and how you can better their businesses instead. This will surely create an excellent impression of you as a coach.

  1. Show them facts.

In social media groups, diverse individuals will inevitably see your posts and comments. However, simply appearing on their feeds doesn’t guarantee engagement.

To catch your prospective clients’ attention, show them data. Flaunt your success rate in coaching, and if possible, show them a glimpse of how your past partners have made it through you. Visuals are key elements in social media marketing, so make it extra! This is the most effective way to market.

  1. Direct them to an excellent website.

People love readable and crystal clear websites. By clear, it means that you have a straightforward message they can easily understand. Cut to the chase and ensure that your website is user friendly. Having a pleasant website for your prospective clients will help prevent them from opting out and choosing other coaches/services.

It’s fun sharing what you do online and communicating with others, but keep in mind that too much posting can get you banned. This applies to both posting and commenting on different groups. So, moderate everything and make sure you share helpful posts that people will benefit from. 

Unlike every other type of marketing, social media is still the most booming and developing platform. Especially if you’re wanting to reach very specific audiences. Therefore, bear in mind that the key to success here is none other than engagement.

As much as you enjoy talking about yourself and your services, it’s better to initiate a conversation and get to know others first! Once you master the art of communicating wisely, your coaching business will surely thrive. 

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